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Premier Fiduciary Services LLC serves all Phoenix Metro areas, if you are looking for Conservatorship, Trust Administration, Power of Attorney or help with a Probate Estate.

Licensed private fiduciary in ScottsdaleWe provide the following Fiduciary Services:

As court appointed Conservator, we assist individuals who are unable to manage their financial affairs. We will assume responsibility for timely payment of all bills, make sure all income is received, real property is protected and maintained, and that any other assets, financial matters and taxes are handled correctly.

Trust management as Trustee for newly created trusts or as Successor Trustee when an original trustee dies, resigns, or is unwilling or unable to handle trust-related responsibilities.

Personal Representative / Executor of Estate: Administration of the estate after someone has passed away. We are available to handle all estate-related matters, from funeral arrangements to finding heirs, distributing inheritances, handling tax matters, and more. If the deceased had a Will, we will make sure final wishes are respected and carried out. If there is no will, the estate will be distributed to legal heirs as defined by law.

Power of Attorney: Acting on someone's behalf in legal, financial, or health-related matters in case the person granting the Power of Attorney is unable make decisions.

Various other fiduciary services under a fee-for-service arrangement, such as advising or assisting lay-person fiduciaries, managing day-to-day finances, managing or maintaining property, monitoring investments, reviewing and organizing financial records and other documents, evaluate if accounts are set up properly, and much more. In several instances we have been instrumental in helping elderly clients locate lost financial records, and in discovering and correcting mistakes in financial documents that would have resulted in huge probate expenses and/or legal battles when incapacity or death occur.


We can assist in Probate Court matters

When there's discourse in a family and they end up in probate court, a private fiduciary can be of great benefit. Someone outside the family can often diffuse issues and help families move forward. Courts often ask family members to find a professional fiduciary with whom they would want to work. As a neutral third party, we can be the buffer between various family factions. We have the experience to deal with difficult situations, help to calm things down and bring the matter at hand to conclusion.

We have helped families resolve issues with probate estates, inheritance matters, trust administration, and the care of dear relatives.

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What is your benefit when using a licensed fiduciary?

Licensed fiduciaries are professionals with the knowledge and experience to handle a wide variety of estate-related situations. In Arizona, professional fiduciaries must be licensed and certified by the Arizona Supreme Court. To obtain this certification, fiduciaries must meet education requirements, have professional experience in the field, pass a licensing exam, get fingerprinted, undergo a thorough criminal and financial background check and post a bond. To maintain the license, fiduciaries must attend continuing education programs on a regular basis.

Licensed Fiduciaries are held to a very high standard under the law and they must meet stringent reporting requirements under court appointment. They are subject to oversight by the Arizona Supreme Court, accountable for all actions, decisions and expenses made on a client's behalf.


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